What Is Torque → Explains the Basics of Torque || By: Kinesiology Kris

by: KinesiologyKris     Published on: 24 April 2013

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This video is meant to explain the basics of torque and how to increase torque. Kinesiolgy is the study of Human body movement, which uses Torque.º Check out My Web site. www.Kinesiologykris.comº Follow on TWITTER atº Follow on FACEBOOK atº Follow on GOOGLE + atº Donatations BTC: 1LtmWW6s51YXMfo4uGAoQtiCi6XGk52CGEETH: 0x836681913031E07fD9C8608FEd783Abe6936Ed0ADash: XoUGxaWao67HHhXz1cbd2QZkWSAUezRtexSIGT: BKi2UQZSnyetM6QvCf8xXwq5vSRc9stYrL