What The Cast Of Dodgeball Looks Like Today

by: Looper     Published on: 29 November 2019

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If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball. DodgeBall came out in theaters in 2004 and we've been quoting it since. While it's hard to believe that DodgeBall came out nearly 15 years ago, let's take a second to see where the movie's main players find themselves nowadays.Vince Vaughn was already well-known for Swingers and Old School when he starred in DodgeBall, but the film marked the beginning of a new phase in Vaughn's career: that of big budget, big screen comedies. The next year, he appeared in Wedding Crashers, which solidified his status as a comedy leading man.Vaughn's next movies included a number of films that he also helped to write and produce, including The Break-Up, Couples Retreat, and The Internship. He also reunited with DodgeBall co-star Ben Stiller in The Watch.Vaughn later took up more dramatic work, including a starring role in True Detective Season 2. He also had a supporting role in Best Picture nominee Hacksaw Ridge.His most recent roles veer toward "family" entertainment, literally. He nabbed a recurring role as Chet Stevenson on the Netflix animated comedy F is for Family. He also had a part in Fighting with My Family, a movie about the rise of WWE star Paige. Keep watching the video to see more about what the cast of Dodgeball looks like today.#DodgeballVince Vaughn | 0:17Ben Stiller | 1:14Christine Taylor | 2:20Justin Long | 2:57Stephen Root | 3:41Joel David Moore | 4:37Chris Williams | 5:27Alan Tudyk | 5:55Gary Cole | 6:36Jason Bateman | 7:09Hank Azari | 7:54Al Kaplon | 8:43Jamal Duff | 9:33Julie Gonzalo | 10:23Missi Pyle | 11:07