What These Disney Characters Should Have Looked Like

by: TheBinger     Published on: 03 November 2019

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These Disney Characters Should Look Completely DifferentSubscribe to our channel: animated movies are set in almost every place and every time period we can think of. Yet, that doesn’t mean the studio depicts the characters in their movies with painstaking historical accuracy. While the artists behind each character do their best to evoke the time period the specific movie is set in, they do it through a modern-day lens. And to our modern eyes, certain characters may seem to fit into a historical setting, when in reality they really wouldn’t.From Belle’s casual hair in Beauty and the Beast to Jasmine’s excessively revealing outfit in Aladdin to almost everything about Pocahontas’ look from her age to her costume, Disney hasn’t let history stand between it and a preferred character design. In this video, we’re taking a look at the way some of Disney’s most famous characters would have looked had the Mouse House decided to make them more historically accurate.