When a Gamer Meets a Gaming Girl | Part 1

by: Allipse Gaming     Published on: 19 August 2018

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WATCH THIS NOW!: "When A Gamer Gets PlayStation 5 | Gamer Gets PS5" --~--WATCH PART 2 HERE -’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and Hit the Notification Bell#GamerGIrl #GamingGirl #GamerMeetsGirlThis series is about when a gamer called Allipse meets a gamer girl in school, her name is Chloe! They both meet in class and they become a very close friend! At last Gamer Girl confesses her Love to Gamer Boy (Allipse). Watch the video to know the problems that they both face. DON'T MISS THIS BEST SERIES!_________________________________________________________________Check my Rig, Submit your Fan Art, etc… Visit my Websitehttps://allipsegaming.com_________________________________________________________________Support me on Patreon:❤️ I’m sure you will enjoy these videos ❤️When Your Brother Gets More Marks Than You In Exams a Gamer Buys Amazon Alexa/Echo a Gamer Meets a Gaming Girl (THE BEST SERIES) (Highly Recommended)_________________________________________________________________Games Played: COD Black Ops 4SuperHot_________________________________________________________________Social Medias:Facebook (Trailer): (Memes): (Chat): Used:Hidden Agenda Afire When The Bassjumps In Paris The Fair - The Green Orbs Snitch Kats Builder Hoedown Melody - Kevin - Monday - Victory of Things