Which Car Undercoating Is Best? Let's find out! Is Flex Seal the Best Rust & Salt Protection?

by: Project Farm     Published on: 13 January 2020

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Flex Seal, WD-40 Specialist Long Term Corrosion Inhibitor, Fluid Film, Corrosion X HD, CRC Heavy Duty Corrosion Inhibitor, Corrosion Block, and used motor oil tested as car / vehicle undercoating for resistance to rock chips and corrosion (oxidation / rust). Various deicing products, such as salt brine, are used on roads to make them safe for driving, but these products cause corrosion. Hope this video helps you select a product that's best for your circumstances. I purchased all of the products with the generous support from Patreon supporters. Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support. video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC