Which water bottle cage will survive the bottle smasher?

by: Seth's Bike Hacks     Published on: 21 March 2018

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As mountain bikes get lighter and more reliable, we don't need to carry around as many supplies. Many MTB riders are ditching their backpacks and turning back to good old fashioned water bottles. My problem is that they always fly out on techy sections!So today we put a few bottle cages to the test to see which one can actually retain a bottle in the worst conditions. The bottle smasher subjects the cage to force in the worst direction—outward.Check out my other video about integrated multi tools Zee - as far as I know you can only buy it from a Specialized dealer. They're too cool for Amazon :-(Strap Bike Tool cage only works well with a strapCannibal this cage is insanely expensive for what it is. Don't buy it.Thanks to my channel sponsors for supporting me, even with a broken wrist.Diamondback http://diamondback.comBox Components http://boxcomponents.comSlime Tubeless Sealant thanks to my biggest sponsors, my Patrons! With their help, I'm able to offer MORE Seth's Bike Hacks every month, including a monthly AMA podcast and exclusive episode. Start getting more, here