Why Franco & Spain stayed out of WW2 | TIK Q&A 28

by: TIK     Published on: 30 September 2019

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Today we talk about Franco and Spain during the WW2 era, specifically looking into the reasons why Spain stayed out of WW2, their active neutrality (supporting the Axis side), and talking about the Blue Division. This is in response to my Patron, Dan Reed, who asked this question - "Can you talk about the Spanish Blue division? The Spanish were quite good at straddling the fence between England and Germany."I'm not a Fascist or anything similar, nor am I promoting said ideologies. This video is discussing events or concepts that are academic, educational and historical in nature. This video is for informational purposes and was created so we may better understand the past and learn from the mistakes others have made.Want to ask a question? Please consider supporting me on either Patreon or SubscribeStar and help make more videos like this possible. For $5 or more you can ask questions which I will answer in future Q&A videos. Thank you to my current Patrons! You're AWESOME! or you like Stalingrad, you may also enjoy historian Anton Joly's YouTube channel "Stalingrad Battle Data". Link: EVERY Monday at 5pm GMT (depending on season, check for British Summer Time).Full list of all my sources’s some other videos you may be interested in -The REAL Reason why Hitler HAD to go to War in WW2 MAIN Reason Why Germany Lost WW2 - OIL Short History of Mussolini and Fascism LEGION | 369th Reinforced (Croatian) Infantry Regiment WW2 you understand what Fascism & Marxism are? If not, check out my "Public vs Private" video, which explains them in great detail video titled “Why I'm Passionate about HISTORY and What Got Me Into it” video titled "History Theory: What is History? No seriously, what is it?" isn’t as boring as some people think, and my goal is to get people talking about it. I also want to dispel the myths and distortions that ruin our perception of the past by asking a simple question - “But is this really the case?”. I have a 2:1 Degree in History and a passion for early 20th Century conflicts (mainly WW2). I’m therefore approaching this like I would an academic essay. Lots of sources, quotes, references and so on. Only the truth will do.