by: Sophia Esperanza     Published on: 06 October 2019

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Modeling is different for everyone and this is my personal experience. The true act of modeling, in my eyes, can be done by anyone. It is an expression of how you feel, how you move and is undeniable art. Since everyone can feel an can move, we're all just a bunch of models. There is a clear difference in modeling creatively and becoming a human mannequin. I was mostly a mannequin and that explains why I was more so unhappy in the industry. More specifically, being a fast-fashion model, led me to develop self worth issues tied to social media engagement (likes and comments). Why? Because that is what the brands were looking to pull from working with models who have a social media presence. My social media was used as a tool to not only market clothing, but some of the most worst in terms of human and environmental impact. Having to keep up with the 'latest trends' that change weekly, wear intense amounts of makeup that- to be frank had no creative aspect to it (just to make people look the same), making people feel like they needed to consume more by promoting new clothes almost everyday and pushing companies that stole original designs from other brands are just some of the reasons why I quit fast fashion. I never imagined wearing pre-selected clothes could have such damaging effects on myself. I guess when you're told exactly how to dress and exactly how to wear your makeup; it's only obvious, over time you forget who you are. I've stepped back to realize modeling is a part of what I can do, not who I am. Focusing my time into other areas of my career and life has given me so much fulfillment and I feel back on track. I want to wear things that make me happy, not that everyone loves and wants to buy. What makes the world so beautiful is diversity and creativity. DOCUMENTARIES TO WATCH!http://riverbluethemovie.ecohttps://truecostmovie.comI buy mostly vintage, reworked, second hand items. This has actually saved me so much money! Now, when I purchase new items, I feel better about paying a bit more money for something that will last and that is better for the Earth. Not to mention, these clothes are such great quality that consignment shops will definitely purchase them from you when you're done with them. Where I buy vintage/reworked clothing-depop-ASOS (vintage marketplace)-poshmark-etsyJust a few of my favorite places to buy new, sustainable clothinghttps://www.thereformation.comhttps://www.garmentory.com (tons of sustainable/small batch brands on their site - not the entire site)https://www.everlane.comhttps://www.brookthere.com/new-arrivals?ethics=252 (vegan section)https://whimsyandrow.comArticles to feed your brainhttps://www.sustainyourstyle.org/old-environmental-impactshttps://scielosp.org/scielo.php?pid=S0042-96862001000100018&script=sci_arttexthttp://www.barcroft.tv/toxic-conditions-for-child-workers-in-dhaka-bangladesh-leather-tannerieshttps://www.wri.org/blog/2019/01/numbers-economic-social-and-environmental-impacts-fast-fashion