X-2014 Demo Compo

by: SceneSat     Published on: 28 October 2014

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Description :

Re-synced version at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r45jjg5YFycA live recording of the demo compo at the X-2014 demoparty in Someren, The Netherlands. Narrated by Ziphoid and Franky / SceneSatTrack list is available below, and this is a kind of rough cut, since we think it's better to get it out there ASAP! :) Also, YouTube doesn't offer cutting and cropping of files that are longer than 2 hours... :S00:00 Various mumbles and tests...21:20 Propaganda #28 by G*P22:55 The Chromatic Intro by Low Spirit24:50 Alle in den Lamerkeller by Anonymous Downvote Cowards26:21 Darwin's Green by Inversion30:15 Bee Together by Mahoney35:30 Under Construction Invitation by Attentionwhore37:10 Megapetscii by The Hackers49:55 WJWTWTOTGS by Atlantis & F4CG52:36 Magical Wizard by Delysid57:07 Hardware Accelerated Samples : My Humps by No Name1:06:11 Frantic 3 by Hoaxers1:15:10 Intermission with mumbles and stuff...1:31:35 Brown Note by F*A*I*C1:33:31 RGB by Fairlight, Offence & Prosonix1:51:21 Disco Apocalypso by SHAPE2:03:33 Uncensored by Booze Design2:18:53 Comaland by Censor Design & Oxyron2:41:00 After-mumbles...