XBR-75X900C 4K Ultra HD TV Review

by: Reg Revier     Published on: 23 June 2015

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http://bigproductreviews.comThe ultra-slim Sony XBR-75X900C 75-inch HD TV features the X1, Sony’s new 4K processor. Another great feature is the 1 flick entertainment” user interface and not to forget that this Android TV is based on Google’s platform.What will the price of the Sony XBR-75X900C 4K Ultra HD TV be?At the moment, Sony still havent announced the price or when it will be released. The Sony XBR-55X900A however will be around the $5000 mark so this will probably be more. After it's launched however, Amazon will inevitably offer it at a discount rate along with free shipping.How good is it really?The Sony XBR-75X900C can most definatly be described not only in size but features as a certified giant. The 4K resolution is more upscale and both the color and range have been thoroughly enhanced. Thanks to its Android platform, this HD TV has lots of viewing options.In conclusion, this Android HD TV is definitely one that everyone will be considering for their homes!Many thanks for looking at my review, to get more information about this product, click the link under the video, now or have a look at my other review video for the Sony XBR 55X900C https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PyQg3lc2lBU