XGB Preview from Video Release of Rudyard Kipling's The Second Jungle Book 1997

by: John Seitz     Published on: 20 October 2012

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Description :

This preview for Extreme Ghostbusters was found on the VHS release of Rudyard Kiplings's: The Second Jungle Book (1997). Bohbot's original story premise was as follows: Ten years after clearing out every malcontent ghost and goblin in New York City, the Ghostbusters have disbanded. The ECTO-1 is gathering dust , the old Firehouse headquarters is quiet, and all the guys have left town -- except Egon, now huddled in front of a computer screen, battling program bugs instead of spooks.But now after a decade of quiet, the supernatural is rearing its ugly ectoplasmic head again, and Manhattan is overrun with ghosts bent on mayhem and malevolent fun. New York needs the Ghostbusters. But the Ghostbusters are gone...or are they.It's up to the Ghostbusters' plucky secretary Janine -- now teaching history at a local college -- to recruit a new team to fill the Ghostbusters' Ecto-Visors and Slime-Repellent Boots. Short on time and more than a little desperate, Janine turns to four of her teenaged students: Kylie, a girl genius with a head full of incantations and occult knowledge; Eduardo, a hip, cynical slacker with a dream of running in the Olympics and a serious crush on Kylie; Lucas, a wheelchair-bound young athlete with a hair-trigger temper; and Roland, a clumsy but good-hearted "gentle-giant" who's a whiz with machinery.Along with the Ghostbusters' old pal Slimer and a mischievous new goblin called Gnat, Janine and the kids set up shop in the firehouse, where they arm themselves with PKE meters, nuclear powered Proton Pack blasters, and everything else they'll need (refurbished with the help of Egon) to treat a new generation of ghosts to a Proton Pack roast!The Ghostbusters are back, with the latest technology and a hip new attitude. But the latest crop of phantoms, ghouls, and boogiemen is tougher than ever, so our heros have to be, too!Extreme ghosts call for...Extreme Ghostbusters!***Ghostbusters characters created by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis. Ghostbusters copyright © 1984 Columbia Pictures Industries Inc. All rights reserved. The Real Ghostbusters copyright © 1986 - 1991 Columbia Pictures Television. All rights reserved. Slimer! copyright © 1988, 1989 Columbia Pictures Television, a division of C.P.T. Holdings Inc. All rights reserved. Extreme Ghostbusters copyright © 1997 Adelaide Productions Inc. All rights reserved. Please take note that the video and media provided is for research purposes ONLY under the fair use provision of Canadian Copyright law Section 29, Bill C-11, as of September 29, 2011, which includes education and parody or satire, in addition to research, private study, criticism and review.The Real Ghostbusters Complete Series Companion is in no way affiliated or endorsed by any copyright holders. (Sony Entertainment, Columbia Pictures Industries Inc. (C.P.T. Holdings Inc.), Adelaide Productions Inc., DIC, TimeLife and etc.) or other subsidiaries in any way. All material in this project is used without the explicit permission of all entitled Copyright holders and is meant as a method of chronologically organizing and preserving the media for future generations of enthusiasts.A special thanks goes out to the ABC Television Network and its subsidiaries, Doreen Mulman, Paul Rudoff and countless other Ghostheads across the internet who have quietly contributed to The Real Ghostbusters Complete Series Companion.Visit Spook Central @ for all things Ghostbusters!