“You’re all I got” || Damon & Stefan

by: xchasingembers     Published on: 12 November 2014

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Watch in HD ANYONE ELSE JUST WATCH THEIR SCENES AND WANT TO CRY!!! I love how far they’ve come and THEIR FREAKING HUG in 6x05/6x06 ABHABHSBAHJB!!!! IT’S JUST DEFAN IS SO IMPORTANT TO THE SHOW probably more important than DE and SE. I THINK I KILLED MYSELF MAKING THIS THOUGH, IT JUST REALLY REALLY HURT TO MAKE BECAUSE OF FEELS!!!!I just couldn’t resist using this song. I know it’s normally been used for couples but I just felt so inspired to vid Defan to it. And this is my second vid in a row that doesn’t focus on a pairing! The first 30 seconds are horrid!! I had no idea what to put there.► Characters: Damon Salvatore and Stefan Salvtore► Show: The Vampire Diaries► Song:► Colouring: Shimmeringztutorials